Hello, I have a BM3.8 SP3 on NW6.0 SP5, 4Gb RAM, an 8GB SYS: volume with
4GB free(no files waiting to be purged) and 2-4GB each CACHE
volumes(each is about 50% full)and dual GB fiber adapters. One adapter
is assigned our private network and the other assigned to our DMZ
(Public). The server is used for proxy and content filtering
(Surfcontrol) only. My problem is that in this configuration, shortly
after a reboot, users begin to experience "504 gateway timeouts". If the
user refreshes the page, most times they can get it. This also happens
with downloads, users will get between 10 and 60% of a download, then
the download "hangs". If I reconfigure BM to only use it's private
interface, (no traffic is sent over the Public interface) this problem
does not occur. I have had our firewall people build a static NAT in the
firewall (Cisco PIX) for the Public interface, and a static NAT for the
times I have switched the server to a single interface. I have used
Craig Johnsons PROXY.CFG file with no modifications. Any thoughts on
this issue would be appreciated.