We have a site that our office manager uses to communicate with the
State. I have put entries in the do not cache area of bordermanager of
*.mt.gov *.opi.mt.gov and I keep getting 500 errors Novell Proxy Internal
Cache Error.

The log entries for the site look like: - jhough.Administrators.SPS [19/Dec/2005:12:07:04 -0700] "GET
http://www.metnet.mt.gov/Official_mail/I021709BF HTTP/1.1" 500 1702

I turned off read ahead, I made sure the latests patches are loaded per
Craig's site, I am pulling my hair out. If I unload the proxy the site
works, if I reload the proxy it doesn't. Any ideas to help me preserve
what hair I have left, or stop me from embarrasing myself around students
by screaming at an electronic menace?

John Hough