I am having a problem with our Windows Group Policies since migrating to ZCM 10 from ZEN 7.

On logon about 5 out of 100 machines get a Failed message by their Windows Group Policy. All it takes is a manual refresh of Z and it repairs itself but during that time all the policies seem to be "erased".

Some examples are that the Windows Firewall is turned on and blocking traffic, Windows Automatic updates are enabled, etc, etc. Until the policy applies successfully they are very unhappy.

We didn't have any of these problems in ZEN 7. The only difference I could find is that checkbox in ZEN 7 that stated, "Group Policies remain in effect on user logout". Would that have anything to do with it?

Another thought, in ZEN 7 I just had one policy that contained machine and user settings and was linked to the users. In ZCM 10, I made 2 policies, a machine policy that ONLY applies machine settings, and a user policy that ONLY applies user settings. I thought that is how it should be done, would I have been better off and just made one policy and link it to users again?

Here is an example error:

Category: grouppolicy
POLICYHANDLERS.WinGPPolicy.ContentError: There was an error while accessing content for policy "WGP-ZCM103-2010-08-August-All-Workstation". The error was - "Path for the group policy content is null."
Additional Info: Path for the group policy content is null.