I'm doing a test converting from Sybase to Oracle. Just a few questions:
(can't find answers on documentation.novell.com)

First - Oracle support: Novell Doc states that I have to use Oracle version Then it have to be on a 2003 server. Is or 11 supported?

When i run:
novell-zenworks-configure.bat -c DBMigrateConfigureActions

It ask for:

Target: oracle - OK
Address database server: ok
Port (1521): OK
Fully qualified net service name for Oracle database: My Service is called ORCL, server is SrvOralce1. Should I write orcl.srvoracle1.domain.com ?
Create new schema: Yes
Database server administrator: system (this is for Oracle)
Password: xxx
Enter a database username: Is this username for the Sybase database (zenadmin)?
Database user password: Is this the password for zenadmin (I get it via 'zman dgc')?

Get: Error occured while migrating the database


Vebjorn Nergard
Vestfold County