Good Morning.

I am having trouble with Windows Group Policies. I have computers that will report successful for policies being applied but they seem to be ignored. For example,

We have I.E homepage settins applied and some proxy settings, etc. I also have some policies for attachment types, etc. Well these policies are being essentially ignored which is causing some network location programs to not run correctly.

I try manual refreshes of the workstations but does not work. The only time I can get it to reapply the policies correctly is when I initiate a Policy Refresh from the ZCM web console, but the problem could potentially return which it has.

I apply User configuration Policies to the users and Workstation Configuration policies to the Workstations (Devices). I do not use DLU nor do I use romaing profiles, etc. We use only 1 local windows user which is "auto" logged on during the sign in process.

Where should I be looking since all the logs seem to be ok? Any help in advance will be greatly appreciated.