Dear friends, I am running GW v8 on SUSE v11 with GWAVA. When I reboot the server or stop start MTA the gwmtavs does not stop. I called GWAVA tech support and they have to kill the process to get the MTA working again. This is what they told me to do everytime I reboot the server:

- stop MTA (rcgrpwise stop [domain ID])
- stop gwava, rcgwavaman stop
- ps aux | grep gwmta

If you see that the gwmtavs is still running on port 7108 then we need to kill it by typing: kill -9 PID# The PID number is number set you see on the far left, if the PID is 31410 then the command would be:
kill -9 31410

After killing it make sure it is out of memory by using the ps command again (ps aux | grep gwmta)

Is there a fix for this? I do not want to manually do this every time. I checked knowedgebase and saw similar problems on GW v6 but nothing on the recent GW v8, thanks!

Probably just need to tell them that when you unload the MTA that gwmtavs is staying in memory. They may have an updated version.

There aren't as many people using MTA scanners these days, I'll keep you in mind though see if I can find any common threads