SLES 11 64 bit for VMware.
Groupwise connector
Mobility connector

I have "folders" unchecked every place you can uncheck them.
Still the Groupwise connector insists on syncing every single folder in a user's cabinet and contacts (even the ones that are unselected in the Groupwise connector->user edit section).

I do *not* mean that it force syncs these folders to the device, just that it syncs them into the "folder list" section that you can monitor from Mobility Connector->Monitor->Click on user name.

Most of our users have dozens of folders, and all the scrolling makes it kind of a pain to monitor the folder (ONE) and address books (usually 1-2) that they are syncing. Also, it seems like adding a ton of unneeded work to the system, and it eats up a pretty good chunk of CPU.