I'm trying to use the iprint policy to deliver printers (queues), force
the default and remove other printers. The policy is workstation
associated (on the OU) and is set to system impersonation - I've tried
both user login and user desktop is active as scheduled event. Users are
subject to a DLU policy (non-volatile and members of the local Users

What I observe is that the policy executes without issue to remove the
existing printers and install the new ones. Enforcing the default is
intermittent - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is with
the same user. No pattern.

I've enabled both ZEN debug logs and iPrint trace logs. All I see in the
ZEN WMiPrint debug log is:

WS - InstalliPrintPrinter - g_pIPrintSetAsDefaultPrinter - ERROR

When the policy works, this line reads SUCCESS.

There's a ton of info in the iPrint trace... something that stood out
are failures for RegCreateKeyEx or RegOpenKeyEx calls re: PortNames and
InstallPortNames registry keys.

The ZEN Agent is the latest ( but the iPrint client is a bit
older, 5.30. I did a quick review of the change logs for the newer
client versions but didn't see anything relevant. Updating the agent is
still on my list of things to try tho...

I have seen talk of setting AllowUserPrinters = 1 in iprint.ini when DLU
is involved but I don't see how that's relevant as printer installation
isn't the issue.

Any thoughts on what else to look for?