I have an sles10sp1/Oes2sp1 server that I am trying to upgrade to sles10sp3/OES2sp2 by doing and offiline upgrade with the cd's. I made a snapshot of this server and am running a test of the upgrade before I touch the live system.
This was one of the first Oes Linux servers I installed in my tree and now the ldap server I had it originally point to has changed. Before I started the upgrade I edited the nam.conf file and ldap.conf file to the ip address of the correct ldap server. During the upgrade it installs the software then reboots and comes into the OES configuration screen. Under Linux User Management, SAMBA, Storage Management Services they all have the old LDAP address. When I click on Change Linux User Management it tells me The product does not require configuration for upgrade. I can't figure out how to get this information updated before I start the upgrade. Should I not worry on trying to get this changed?
Also if I leave the ip's the same and hit next the next error it tells me is it can't contact the NTP server. I updated the NTP information also before the upgrade and it is pulling the old NTP server. It is like the OES configuration is pulling all this info from an old file. Any ideas on how to get this all correct before the upgrade?