We have purchased a Verisign certificate and I'm trying to get a CSR generated for my Mobility server. I've got Mobility installed and running but just need to SSL-ize it.

I tried using 'gwcsrgen' as the documentation states. However, 'gwcsrgen' does not work on SLES11 (OpenMotif libraries not on SLES11). Can this be run from a different machine? Then I started looking around Novell's site and Verisign's site for CSR generation information. Verisign has nothing (despite many listings) and most of the Novell docs want me to drop it into Apache. I found some information about using the 'openssl' command but I wasn't sure if that applied to what I was trying to do (as to whether the commands were specific to Apache or would work for GMS too).

Does anyone have any information on how I can get the CSR generated or can at least point me in the right direction?