Here is the scenario:

We have upgraded our building to building connectivity to fiber lines.

Our servers are configured with NW6 SP4 and BM 3.7 Sp3.

We currently have 2 remote sites which now pass across the fiber and go
through one of our 2 BM servers. These 2 remote sites are in separate
trees and we use a login script that authenticates them to the tree in the
other building and then they can connect to the interent through that
building's proxy.

Internet access is working fine and we can browse to all sites.

What is not working is Outlook/Outlook Express to get email and we have a
terminal services app that is not working either.

The terminal services app gets an error "Failed to connect to <IP address>
through proxy <remote proxy address> Service unavailable error" But if I
run the terminal services app from a workstation in the same subnet as the
proxy server, everything works fine.

Is this a BM issue or should I be looking at the routers?

Thnaks for your thoughts.

Steve D.