Hello there.

I was triying to upgrade a server from OES2SP1 to SP2. I used the online update selecting the move-to-oes2-sp2 selection. Then I noticed the move to sles10 sp3 selection wasn't present, but I didnt bothered checking what was wrong with it because after all the documentation advices against using it.

Bad idea...it seems the scriot failed and didnt made anything but messing my update repositories.

Documentation says that

rug pd -i should return Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-SP2-migration and SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-SP3-migration

but mine only says:

serverX:~ # rug pd -i
Waking up ZMD...Done

S | Name                                        | Version | Category
i | Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-SP2-migration | 2-0     | add-on
i | SUSE_SLES_SP2                               | 10.2-0  | base
i | OPEN_ENTERPRISE_SERVER_SP1                  | 2.0.1-0 | add-on
So there something is missing.

What should I do to get SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-SP3-migration there to proceed with the upgrade?