We have an problem with our webaccess 8.0.2 installation!
At our webaccess8-installations we are not able to view or"saveAs" any dokument from one of our libraries.
When we use our old webaccess 7.0.3 everthing works fine.
Our config:
Webaccess 8.0.2 on sles10.sp2 (2 of them on 2 different servers!)
webaccess 7.0.3 on netware 6.5
users on 8.0.2 -POA's on sles10.sp2
libraries on 8.0.1 on netware 6.5

maybe this in an connection-problem with the libs on the netware-server, but the webaccess-logs do not show any error. it says "viewed document .......".

So any clue whats the problem here?

Thanks ahead