Since we upgrade to ZCM 10.3.1 it seems that we are getting a few quirky issues.

All our Windows based Pc's are Dell.

We have a limited amount of Dell Insperion Mini 1210. In the past with older versions of the 10 engine we had to have a hardware test for the storage controller and do a modprobe statement to insert a generic driver so that the Imaging engine could see the HDD. Well since upgrading to 10.3.1 the generic driver no longer works. So I removed it, now it loads the pata_sch driver but every time it images it fails within 5 minutes. Now I have noticed that during the Loading Installation System where it is giving the progress of the KB loaded it will actually freeze up and stop counting but the really strange part is if you move your finger over the touch pad it catches up to where it actually is. Also when your pulling down the image the timer will stop counting and if you move the mouse the time will jump and catch back up. However if you let it sit to long it will error out with and Unknown Error Code: -1.

The other strange thing is the we also have Optiplex 380s that freeze when you try to reboot after imaging. We use a scripted menu that gives you a selection for all the images that we deploy to our Windows PCs. The script contains a reboot statement that restarts the pc after imaging. All our other dells restart fine but the 380s freeze and require a hard reset to finalize the imaging process. I have also tried typing reboot from the bash screen and I get the same result.

The Imaging Engine is v10.3.1.0 and the linux kernel is v2.6.32.12-0.7-default.

Just curious if any one else is having these issues or maybe any idea on how to fix them?