I am a totally clueless about Novell and ZenWorks and can use some help from the forum community.

We run Zen 6.5 and push down apps and icons to a large number of PCs that are used by patrons.
For many years this all worked fine. But, since a few months ago we had an incredibly tough problem.

From time to time, NAL Objects that are set to "run once" and have _not_ had their version change begin to push to the clients. For example, weeks ago we pushed a patch using a NAL object - this was set to run once and version is set to 0 and worked as expected. Yesterday, Zen started pushing the NAL objects to clients in the middle of the day (clients it had done weeks ago). There are numerous NAL objects for this patch job because we tie them to group and there are about 80 groups - many of the objects were pushed, not just one. If it were one, I would assume human error. Add to that that this has happened before with other NAL objects and I am super stumped.

Is there any thing on the client side that would make it look like it is new to Zen? What else could be causing something like this?