I am sorting out a small network of about 20 users which has OES2 running a Samba (workgroup) and using the EXT3 filesystem with POSIX ACL's.

At present all the pc's (XP, Vista and now Win7) have separate Windows logons, which I want to fix.

My questions are:

Given that the data resides on the ext3 filesystem, is my best option for file system access in a Novell clientless setup, SAMBA?
It seems that there are a lot of problems with the Novell client for Windows and I don't like the idea of introducing such hassles. How have others found using the latest Novell client on a mixed (XP, Vista, Win7) network? The Win7 one in particular has many posts about problems.

Are these processes correct?
Using Samba on EXT3, the only way to manage rights is setting POSIX ACL's on the server.
Creating users is as follows - iManager - Create user - Set Universal Password - LUM enable user - Samba enable user.

2. Single sign on.
So that users don't have to manually keep the pc password in synch I see these options...What is the best one to use?
- ZCM and DLU
- Samba in PDC mode
- DSfW

For single sign on I am leaning towards Samba PDC or DSfW, which will also allow such things as Windows application servers (eg SQL Server) to provide single sign on as well. What do others recommend in my scenario?

Many thanks