I've been struggling with the problem for some time. I've searched and
haven't found a post or TID that describes my symptoms.

I'm attempting to get a Quicktime stream working through Border. We are
using TCP/IP Filters, Proxy Authentication, Transparent Proxy... the whole
nine yards. Here's the problem; I have a RTSP Quicktime stream that's
using port 554 UDP. I have these ports open in our filter config so that's
not the issue. I have allow statements in our proxy access rules. On my
personal workstation (which has an exception to the transparent proxy)
entered I'm able to get the stream working via UDP/554. However, on a
workstation that does not have the exception in the transparent proxy I am
unable to get the stream working. I have tried the RTSP proxy with no
success. Being that the transparent proxy is only listening on port 80 and
not 554 I would think this wouldn't be a problem. But from what I can
tell, that's the only thing that will allow the stream to work.

Any thoughts? Has anyone actually gotten a RTSP Quicktime stream working
through Border?