In advance I apologize if this is the wrong forum!

I have tested ZCM10 against both Novell Service Desk and GroupLink.
Novell Service Desk looks a lot nicer, a lot less popups, everything is done in the same window. Out of the box installation on a fresh SLES10 x64 AND a SLES 11 x64 didnt work, it did however on Windows Server 2008 R2.
GroupLink seems to do the job without syncronizations at given intervals(unless I did something strange). Out of box installation failed on Windows Server 2008 R2, but did work on Debian 5.0.6 x64 ;-) (Havent got around to test SLES; it takes so long to setup compared to Debian)

I dont see our need getting filled by either GroupLink or Novell Service Desk. It is 40 lightyears ahead of our current HelpDesk software, but I still lack one key aspect that I dont see any of these do, allow you to take direct remote control of the user, via the same interface after you have searched up the user. In old ZDM7 in ConsoleOne, all you needed was a username, and you were taking remote control. In what I've been able to setup, first you find the user, then search up the device(in Novell Service Desk, DAILY sync is the best you can do... Why not just read directly? It would be awesome if it could do that so in the setup case, you can link the computers that has been setup, for the lifecycle...), after you've found the device, then go to ZCM, find the device, then remote control.

Thats too lengthy for my taste, even if I dont work 1st or 2nd line support anymore(straight from 1st to 3rd :-D ).

To get to the point:
- Any software out there that can read what device the user is logged into automatically? Or more automatic then GroupLink / Novell Service Desk... GroupLink at least uses a nice name, Novell Service Desk uses a number + needs to sync with ZCM for the latest info.
- Will anyone of these solutions recieve the automagic part in the not-too-far-future?

Have a great weekend :)