So I have been having several issue with trying to use the miggui tool to migrate data off of our old NW6.5 file servers to our new OES2SP2 cluster. One of the issues I've run into seems to be caused by an improper version of ruby being installed on the two OES2SP2 servers per TID7004949, "OES2SP2 migfiles/miggui does not work".

I have verified on these two servers that I am indeed running a newer, incorrect version of ruby (1.8.6.p369-0.5) rather than the proper version (1.8.4-17.20). However, the TID states that to correct this I only need to run the following command:

"rug in -c OES2-SP2-POOL ruby"

but it just returns the following:

"ERROR: 'ruby' is not available"

I am stuck as to what I can/should do, outside of manually removing ruby and then trying to reinstall the proper version. Any ideas?