I've recently upgraded to 10.3.1 not realizing that it broke PXE boot, so after burning a couple of boot CD's I thought that I'd be back in business with imaging, I was wrong.

When I go through the process of making or restoring an image, after the final step when the progress bar usually begins the bar never comes up, I get an error message that "Unable to connect to Preboot server. Product licensing may have expired." Which it has not. And after clearing that message I am kicked back to the command prompt screen with a "segmentation fault." I have not tried a multicast as we have a few image backups that we are trying to do at this time.

When I check the log files I can see my proxydhcp and tftp servers working, but I don't see any activity on my novell-pbserv.log which has the logging set to debug levels. I haven't yet restarted the server aside from immediately after applying the 10.3.1 update. I've recently sent in the order for a new batch of PCs that I am expecting in any day which I'll need to be able to image once they get here. Help!