My company has been running a self signed SSL cert on our Web Access server for quite a number of years. After upgrading to 8.x, I've noticed that whenever clicking on something that creates a popup, I need to keep accepting the certificate. Recently, we have also purchased a GoDaddy wildcard cert for our domain.

Currently, my self signed cert is referenced as 'gwmydomain' in the apache server code and there is an eDirectory object 'gwmydomain - myserver'. My first question is, would I be able to just rename my cert to 'gwmydomain' and overwrite the current one sitting on my server for the WebAccess certificate to change over to the verified one? And I mean doing this after creating a backup of the existing 'gwmydomain' and restarting services after the change. I'm just concerned that if anything went bad that I would be able to place the original cert back in place.

Second, if for whatever reason I couldn't do the proposed solution, what is the correct way to import a wildcard GoDaddy certificate for Web Access (and any other Novell service), their instructions are geared more for the true Apache servers and not the Novell variant which is common in many of the web services provided by Novell products.