Hi There!

Man I am one frustrated puppy! I have been trying for a month to get a properly working sync on my phone. I had an HD2, but the contacts wouldn't sync properly (Changes on the phone would go to frequent contacts etc). I was told Android was more stable from Mobility's perspective, but I have bought a Galaxy S with Eclair on it, to find that now when I sync, I get no contacts or Calendar, despite the fact they are selected, but EMAIL sync's which I don't want and have unselected in the management portal! Not only that but for some reason email only sync's to the last 2 days.. IE I can only see email from 2 days ago, not today!

I am running Build 115!

1st level support are completely helpless pointing me at a sugarCRM related article.

Surely I should be able to get my calendar and tasks on this phone?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.