Due to the webmaster being indisposed, I've temporarily taken on some Admin
duties for a club Bulletin Board using an old version of phpbb. I have
access to the admin console, but no more than that. I've had to take on the
role due to the huge increase in the amount of member registrations and spam
postings that seemed to start at the beginning of last month.
The club has about 140 members registered on the BB. In early September we
had about half a dozen registration of spammers which then started posting
to the forums, usually only two or three posts per member registration. Then
towards the end of September the flow started to increase, though
fortunately not all new registrations actually posted to the forums. In mid
October the registration rate went as high as 250 per day. Shortly after
this I became involved.
A friend who is a member of a similar club reported the same thing happening
on their bulletin bioards at the same time, though they were able to start
deleting the members and posts sooner than I was.
Because of my limited access to the server and limitations of the version of
phpbb used, it is a slow process deleting the unwanted members. I now have
about 1000 left to get rid of. However I've considerably reduced the number
of new registrations by taking the following actions:
1. Require Admin activation of new accounts and delete them as soon as
possible after they are created.
2. By having the Admin console open on my desk at work I can monitor
connections. Whenever I see a connection from an IP address in country where
we have no members I ban the IP range as soons as possible.
I've also banned Google and Yahoo IP address ranges to minimise the benefits
of these back links.

At first, I was just concerned with getting rid of the unwanted posts and
member registrations so just deleted them without taking much note of the
details. However, I did make a notr of one of the first registrations. A
Google search on that particular member name returns 430,000 hits which all
appear to be registrations on other Bulletin Boards. The name in question is
Jackxwelshyracerzmm (remove the xyz - I didn't want it getting any more

Any suggestions of further action that I can take? Is there any action that
I can take that may negate the effect? Is there a process of reporting the
websites and / or spurious member ids to have them excluded or downgraded by
the search engines?

I'd be interested in hearing of anyone elses thoughts and experiences in
this area.