We are experiencing the 500 Internal Server errors on two main sites, and
have noted that the problem seems to involve website redirection. If our
users point their home page to Msn.com automatically, the URL that comes up
is http://www.microsoft.com/isapi/redir...r=6&ar=msnhome.
Without Proxy enabled, it redirects to http://www.msn.com and works. With
Proxy enabled, we get the 500 Internal Server Error. If we just point to
http://www.msn.com, it works with Proxy enabled.

The second site is http://www.google.com. Same symptoms. It
auto-redirects to http://www.google.ca (we are a Canadian site) with Proxy
disabled, and shows the 500 Internal Server Error with Proxy enabled.
Going directly to http://www.google.ca works fine with Proxy enabled.

We are using CFilter as our Content Filter, and have set Cache Heirarchy
Client to "Must Forward Only Through Heirarchy". This was necessary to
stop users from bypassing our Content Filter using SSL on certain sites.

My question is this: Is there a setting in Proxy.cfg to fix this? I have
used Craig's latest Proxy.cfg and our server is patched to NW6SP5,
BM38SP4_ir2 with the latest TCP/IP, Java and NICI.

Any thoughts?