We are currently using ZCM 10.3. I created a helpdesk login for our Help Desk and assigned them full remote managment rights. I have been using remote management on my own admin account for about 6 months and never had any issues.

I have sucessfully tested remote control by logging into as the helpdesk and remoting into a few machines. Talk about bad timing, but I am training a help desk tech on remote control. When we tried to remote into a PC (which incidentally worked a few minutes before before) we got the following error.

"This mode of authentication is not allowed in the Remote Management Policy"

I double chcked the heldesk login and it is set correctly. The funny thing is, I also logged in with my admin account and tried to use remote control and I also got the exact same error. Unfortunately I did not get a chance troubleshoot any further. Now that I am looking into the problem again, I cannot replicate it. I can't seem to find any explanations.

To summarize:
The error occured on 2 different PC's on both firefox and IE. The error occured on an admin account and a shared zenworks account. The error occured on 2 different remote control recipients.

Any ideas?