Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this issue I'm having.

ZCM 10.3.1 on SLES11.
Windows XP SP3. Novell Client 4.91SP5 and UPHClean

We use a DLU policy:

- Use user source credentials
- Manage existing user account (if any)
- Volatile user (no caching enabled)

Every time a user logs out of the machine, the user account is deleted HOWEVER the profile still remains. None of the profiles are deleted upon user logout or a reboot, therefore new profiles are created at each user login with the naming scheme user.hostname.000, user.hostname.001, etc.

I have read in some other posts that ZCM will keep some profiles open and delete them upon a reboot of the machine. None of the profiles for previously logged in users are deleted completely upon a reboot, but the Modified Date has been changed, signifying that it has at least tried to delete. There are a few files left in the profile directory, ntuser.pol and several empty folders.

Looking at the userenv.log shows the following:

"DeleteProfile: Fail to delete profile with sid <SID> as it is still in use."

There is this entry for each logoff, obviously with an incremented SID.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is the only issue standing in our way of rolling ZCM into a production environment.