Is there a way to migrate bundles and policies from a current ZCM 10 server running on Linux to another Linux server running either ZCM 10 or possibly 11 when it comes out? Whenever I search for zen and migration I keep coming across the 7 to 10 migration tool and haven't really found anything for 10 to 10/11.

I'm asking for two reasons. After doing the 10.3.1 update my imaging system went completely haywire and I can't even use the CD's to create single images. It is looking easier to rebuild my zen system, but with the amount of work in my bundles and policies I can't really afford to be down more than the downtime over a weekend. Reason two is when the Zen 11 virtual appliance comes out I'm seriously considering implementing it but would like it to be a clean install and not necessarily bringing over the "excess baggage" from the old system and all of the previous updates, but I do want to bring over my policies and bundles where I can.