I have a 230 GB NSS volume that I migrated from NW 6.5.8 NCS to OES2 SP2 NCS (just migrated the resource)

The load time was fairly quick (maybe 2 minutes) as there's not many trustees or files (just large data files)

Now I am unable to migrate that resource anywhere

It just sits at the "unloading" in iManager

The /var/log/messages doesn't show much:

Oct 25 17:48:51 co-nc1-svr13 ncs-resourced: Preprocessed script CS1-DATA3B.unload
Oct 25 17:48:51 co-nc1-svr13 adminus daemon: umounting volume DATA3B lazy=1
Oct 25 17:48:58 co-nc1-svr13 smdrd[9919]: Received Leave Event for CS1-DATA3B
Oct 25 17:48:58 co-nc1-svr13 smdrd[9919]: Target name CS1-DATA3B successfully de-advertised from SLP
Oct 25 17:48:59 co-nc1-svr13 smdrd[9919]: Could not start TCP listener on