Having a DataSync Server connecting to a Netware 6.5SP8 with GW8.02.
Running Novell Data Synchronizer Version: 1.0 Build:115

I have to manual click inside Monitor/Users to "Re-initialize" users in order to get
the Email to Sync to Nokia E71/E72/HTC-TP2.
I do this 4x times per day for all users.

No caching enabled and pressing Sync on the Phones makes no difference.
Deleting the user in connectors GroupWise and Mobility and recreating them
only sync for the first time. Remove the device makes no difference.

It is like if the latest email are not on the Mobile Server.
I can see the "soap" connection on Netware, GW-POA is not hanging.
Uses are working fine from their PC's in caching and Proxy mode.

How do we automate this process?
Thank you in advance