BM3.8 ZfD6.5SP2 WinXPSP2

We are finding that some users cannot get access to the internet via proxy,
but can if proxy is avoided. If they can't access the internet, clntrust is
showing no requests succeeded and no requests failed.

All workstations are experiencing two instances of clntrust.exe in the task
manager processes, one is assigned to user, the other is assigned to SYSTEM.

We run clntrust through a zen app, that force runs. The app first copies
down clntrust.exe and dwntrust.exe to local drive then subsequent logins run
clntrust from there. (We have this for years with no probs).

The zen app is assigned to workstations with 'Force run as user' checked.
Previously it was assigned to users.

We have looked and cannot see why clntrust is opening twice.

I am posting this on this forum and the ZfD forum as I am not sure whether
it is a problem with BM or with Zen.


Dan Dempsey
Manager - ICT Systems
Wellington High School
ph +64 4 385 8911