I have 6 primary servers, and one sql server and about 7000 workstations. A few times a dat i get a call that ZCC no longer works on some of the servers. Basically stops working. I can restart the service novell zenworks server, which restarts the loader. Sometime it works and i can reach ZCC on that server. Sometimes i have to reboot.
TOday however has been a bad day. I have had to reboot almost every server between one and five times. My MS SQL server has been busy all day. The network utilization averages at %25 to %50 of a 1 gig nic.
THe service never seems to stop, just zcc stop working or gets slow. I have set services to restart on failure (now) to see if it fails to get it running again.
No virsuses
i am running 10.3.1
i am on MS 2008 r2 server all patched
1 server is a SLES 10.

any ideas?