Hi All,

A few of our users have had issues with their archives after moving from GW7 to GW8. Right before the move there was a server failure, so I suspect this may have exasperated the problem.

Details and trouble shooting is as follows:

Users unable to access their GW Archive.

Have located the archive directory in there Home Folder, and made sure GW is pointing at it. Archive opens, but it is empty.

Update GW client from GW7 to GW8 to make sure not a version issue.

Ran a stand alone GW check over the archive.

Changed GW archive directory, created new archive, told accepted prompt to move all data from old to new.

Restored Archive files from Backup.

Created new archive, copied user.db, ngwguard.db and msg.db in various combinations.

After each step I have tested, each time when I open the archive, it is empty. Not sure where to go next, and the Users are getting a bit ****** at this stage.

Any suggestions?