I'm having a problem lately, with new apps that I'm creating (for
example Acrobat Reader 9.4) not deploying on some machines. I have them
set to force run, user associated. They appear in application explorer,
and if I manually launch them, they will install just fine. I have
conditions for availability based on version, so if the app has been
installed, it will no longer show in application explorer.

I had this happen a few months ago, and I thought it was one particular
app I had just sent out, so I just manually ran it on the affected
workstations, but now I'm seeing the same workstations having the issue.

The workstations are running the last released ZDM 7 agent, and the
Servers are Netware 6.5 SP8 patched up to the last released Zen 7
version. (I removed the existing agent and reinstalled the latest agent
HP4, msi dated 5/14/2010)

I've deleted nalcache, and that had no effect. Naldiag shows the apps
are there and passed the tests, but I think that there is actually a
problem with another app that had been previously created that is
preventing these from working.

I'm just looking for some areas to check to figure this out. I'm not
seeing any errors, it just doesn't launch the force run apps. The vast
majority of the machines run them absolutely fine.

-------------- Update ---------------

I was waiting to post this to check one more thing, and I had to reboot
the machine. The user had gone home for the day so I logged in as a
different user and now the apps are deploying, so this appears to be
something perhaps in the registry for that user? I was afraid this
would happen.. I'll have to find another broken machine to do further
testing on.

Any ideas how to track this down? The apps that were "stuck" are new
applications, they aren't modified old applications where I would be
worried about the guid being changed or anything weird.

I'm guessing the moment I create another force run app to update
something that I am going to see the exact same problem recur.