Hi, all!

Another trouble with client IR4 - can't copy any file FROM Netware 5.1
server. Configuration: clean installation Win7-64 + Client 2 SP1 IR4.
Firewall disabled, UAC disabled, cache on client is turned off.

When I try to copy (using TotalCommander) any file FROM network drive
mapping to Netware 5.1 server TO local disk - immediately get error
"Write error! Remove write protection". Attempt with console copy
command (into cmd prompt) - got error "Insufficient memory". Attempt
to copy with explorer creates in destination folder file with size 0
bytes! Netcopy (utility from JRBSoftware) reports about nonexistent
connection to server. Also, you can not run any exe file from network
drive ("Error in EXE-file").

The only program that can to copy files - FAR all versions. This file
manager by default used own copy procedure. But if to choose "Use
system copy routine" - copying gives an error, same as console copy -
"Insufficient memory".

I can read content of any file without troubles but can't it copy.

This problem exists only if source network drive mapped on Netware 5.1
server (NSS volume, TFS I don't check). If source server is Netware
6.5 - copy (and EXE run) works fine.

Client IR3 also don't have this trouble - it can copy file FROM or TO
NW5.1 server.

Sergei Dubrov