Have 2 BM Servers:

2 internal nics each

One is used for Student access and the other is used for Faculty access and externally hosting
internal services. Recently I had to change both their external IP Addresses when my ISP
switched internet carriers on me.

The steps I performed were:

In InetCfg
- I changed the two external nic IP addresses,
- Removed and added new secondary IP addresses on each
- Modified the Dynamic and Static NAT tables in each

In Filtcfg
- Modified my existing filters with the address changes

In NWAdmin BM Snapin
- Changed the Public - Private IP address list.
- Deleted and recreated Cyberpatrol, URL, Application Proxy access rules

Since the change, I have been unable to get the Transparent HTTPS proxy to function on either
box. Manually setting the secure proxy to either firewall on client machines works fine though.

Where should I look to find the source of the problem? Is there a specific conf that I may have
overlooked that must be edited manually to reflect the external IP change?

Since the changeover too, I can no longer log into iManager on either BM server. I suspect a
common thread.

NO I have not reinstalled default filters. Should I have to?


I wouldn't care so much about the above issue but for a client access problem that resulted
because of it.
We are a boarding school that is all macintosh based. The students depend on MSN to
communicate with friends and family back home.

Unlike Yahoo or AOL, if you set the HTTP proxy manually in the MSN mac client it doesn't work. It
will connect fine, but will auto disconnect you after 5 seconds.

If you set the https proxy manually at the Mac OS network level and leave the MSN client alone it
will connect properly. On my faculty firewall this solution works, but naturally on my student
firewall, it doesn't. The client just spins and spins. I don't know why there is a difference between
the two servers.