I'v got confused in renewing project of our Citrix, well authentication is now supported
only from AD (pure microsoft) or DSfW from Novell, in our case we did following...

We installed DSfW with synchronizing users from our production eD to this DSfW where
the XenApp6 servers are as a member of DSfW (AD) and everything works fine , but still the
data is existing on OES2 server behind NCP protocol , how users can access they data ?

Many articles says that Novell client is not supported in this kind of environment but at pure terminal server solutions it works I heard, so can someone clear ..

is it possible to make transparential login to both eD and AD (DSfW) at same time when
user starts application at webinterface ? (or do we need to make application named "Login to
Novell" to get the NCP shares visible ?)