I am testing the GroupWise migration from NetWare 6.5 SP8 to Windows Server
2008 R2. I have copied the domain and post office directories to the Windows
Server. The parent directory for both is a windows share. I ran the agent
installation pointing to the new directories. I said to install as a
service. I modified the POA and MTA objects to point to the new IP address
and Database Platform for the Windows Server. I modified the Domain and Post
Office objects to reflect the new directory path (using UNC). I go into
Services on the Windows Server and attempt to start the MTA and POA. Both
error out with error code 1053: The service did not respond to the start or
control request in a timely fashion. This is a pretty standard MS error.
However, according to MS that error is generated after some time (like 30
seconds) that the service failed to load. In my case it comes back right
away. What could I be missing?

In ConsoleOne on an XP machine I attempted to change the domain database
path for connecting to the GroupWise system and it says the path is not
valid. After I mapped a drive to the windows share it let me specify the UNC
path and I was in.

I prefer to run the agents as a service vs. as an application. I double
checked the startup files on the windows server and the /home switch does
reflect the correct path. The MTA file also shows the correct "service name"
for windows. BTW, the group Everyone has FC to both the share and the parent
NTFS directory.