Over the past week or so, our BM server has been sitting at 3-7 minutes
for the LRU sitting time when students are here. Today I am getting a
msg on the console saying "Cache memory allocator our of available
memory." and "Short term memory allocator is out of memory. 13 attempts
to get more memory failed. Request size in bytes 116736 from module
nwpa.nlm" This server has 4 GB of memory in it. Can do anything to
help bring up the LRU sitting time and memory availability or is this
server just getting hit that hard. Server util sits between 4-15%.

Also, next year we have a new school opening up, resulting in more
computers and more students using the Internet. Im worried that the
server wont be able to hand all the traffic. Is it possible to cluster BM?

Thanks for your help-