We are rolling out workstation on Zenworks 10 and all applications built but have found an unusual issue. When we discovery a Workstation and then deploy and manage the device it works ok. But if we move the machine onto a new subnet or leave it off and then switch it back on and it get a new ip address but on the same subnet it still works ok. but the discovered item device shows the old ip address and the Managed shows the new one and is happy working with the new ip address. The issue comes when we come to deploy a new device with the same ip address as the one that was discovered but much earlier. We then have two machines with the same ip address in devices discovered which is correct but one is now on a new ip address and it then says the work station can not be managed as there are duplicate host names or ip addresses! It can not be the host name as that is the asset number so can only be the ip address any ideas?