I have just noticed a strange anomaly on our NetWare 6.5 SP4 server. I'm not sure how long this has been going on.

When some documents are created/saved on the server, the archive bit is not being set. We discovered this when a file was inadvertently deleted and while trying to restore it could not find it on our backup tapes (differential backup based on archive bit). As I searched around the various drives (both Windows and NetWare), I found that this is randomly (as far as I can tell) happening with all users, but only on our Netware server. The Windows server is fine.

It appears to be mostly MS Office documents, probably because that is mostly what we use here, but there are some PDFs missing the archive bit too. I have tried to create several test documents and am not able to reproduce it for myself. I had another user walk through and re-create several documents (duplicating the work from the day before where archive bits were not set), but while I was watching, all archive bits were set.

I did a search on the NetWare server for all documents created/modified since Sept 30 (our last full backup where all archive bits should have been reset). I found about 1000 documents that have been created/modified,but did not have the archive bit set. I then set the archive bit on all of them. This afternoon I re-ran that same search and came up with about 50 documents that were created/modified today that did not get the archive bit set. This represents about 25% of the files created/modified today.

I've searched the Internet and Novell's website looking for answers but haven't had any luck.

Has anyone else run into anything like this before?