Hi everyone.

I'm in a process of migration to ZCM 10.
a) I would like to get ideas of how to organize the bundles. Now my machines have XP but we are in a process to migrate then to Windows 7, possible to 64bits.
I was thinking of something like:
1. Dev
1.1. W7_x64
1.1.1. Adobe
1.1.2. Office
1.1.3. 7Zip
1.1.4. ...
1.2. XP_x86
1.2.1. Adobe
1.2.2. Office
1.2.3. 7Zip
1.2.4. ...
1.3. General
1.3.1. (application that work with both operating system. Probably there aren't any application that installs in xp_x86 and w7_x64, but if we instead go to w7_x86 then this might make sense.)
1.3.2. ...

2. Prod
(the same has dev)

3. Archive
(the same has dev)

b) What are the name that you give to the applications?
Probably the name should have:
- the application;
- the version;
- if it's a install package, one that configures, or a patch;
- if it's a silent or interactive;
This name should have any only [A-Z,a-z,0-9,_,-]

What do you think?
In your site what do you have?

Thanks in advance, TA.