Will it ever be possible to configure a generic proxy on port 110?
We have a lot of installations where the internal mail server is using
pop3 and smtp to receive/deliver mail to the public mail server in the
DMZ behind the BorderManager. For security reasons the BM server does
not route any packets, but is just using proxies.
Now, if we use the mail proxy on BM, we can proxy to the pop3 server on
port 110 just fine, but mail proxy doesn't forward smtp mail to the
public mail server, but sends mail directly (which is bad because mail
proxy doesn't tell us why mails can't be sent...).
If we don't use mail proxy, we can set up a generic proxy on port 25 for
smtp just fine, but now we can't proxy pop3, because it doesn't allow a
generic proxy on port 110 (as it was before with port 25, before the
proxy.cfg setting was built in).