Hello, I have ran into a small little issue....
I am trying to install NMAS and Challenge response for all workstations in a school board. In the past when we rolled out images or clients we never installed NMAS, just NICI.

My current issue is trying to get the NMAS and Challenge response installed SILENTLY while turning on NMAS Authentication = ON, So any ideas or methods are welcome

1) I have attempted to get an ACU running... no luck just wont make the updates to the client...

2) I have created an Unattended file and fugded the version and can get it to all install with setupnw.exe /U, but the window appears and shows the whole install process (not good for school board when kids start shutting down systems in the middle of client upgrades)

3) Lastly i was able to extract the MSI from the seperate NMAS and Challenge response exe located in the Client folder and run them with an MSI application object. It is silent and quick but i need to set NMAS Authenication to On manually. I dont know if these standalone exe installs are the same as if i installed NMAS when installing the whole client?

So basically option 1 ACU i don't know what iam doing wrong... Option 2 is kind of what we want... totally automated but i cannot seems to hide it and Option 3 does work but i dont know if all components are being installed compared to a full client install. If anyone can shed some light or ideas much appreciated.