I'm sorry everyone but I keep getting a head ache trying to wrap my head around ZCM and Bundles. I can not get simple .exe files to run in ZCM. Lets take a simple .exe like iprint client. We keep our files on NSS volumes either OES Linux or Netware in a directory for IT. With ZDM 7 you just gave the App Object access to the location and install it. With ZCM (from what I see) doesn't do that. The only way I've been able to deploy applications with ZCM is if they were .msi and I load them up to the repository. The documentation (in my opinion) is not intuitive to show how to deploy a simple exe file. I've tried window bundles but if the user is logged and there isn't a mapped drive to the location it fails, if I try and use net use to map a drive in a batch file with win XP and 7 it fails. Can anyone send me to a location with some documents or give some guidance here.

Thanks in advance