Here is how my rule is set up...


When even is: "User Activated"

Conditions: "Act on items where Item Type is Appointment"

Appointment conflict exists: "Does not matter"

Then actions are: "Delegate To: LabUsage"


So get this....

The rule works fine as long as there is no text in the body of the appointment!!!? If the body has no text in it the rule completes and works fine. But if a signature or ANYTHING has been placed in the body the rule throws up a failed message.

I tested this multiple ways by sending appointments to the account this is being done from and then tried using the rule on it. What I found was that if I even accidentally put a space in the body and then backspaced over it, it would still fail with the rule after I sent it. But if I never touched the body of the appointment at all, the rule would work perfectly.

Seems like a bug to me. I'm using GW 8.0.2

Anybody have a clue? Maybe a possible workaround?