Does the EULA for NOWS SBE 2.5 allow the use of more then one eDirectory? So the same users but accessing the resourse in two or more trees? Would be using IDM to create them so they would have a user object in each tree. Won't be going above the 5 server limit.

Or would each eDirectory need its own set of NOWS SBE licences?

Looking at a config like this

Server one:
Tree: TREE1
DSfW (Fake AD - File stuff only)

IDM Sync (Starter Pack between eDirectory) just over SSL.

Server two:
Tree: TREE2

Need to re-read the EULA, which is my job for the weekend but just wondered if anyone was doing anything like this?

Idea: Server 1 would be a bit like the old Branch Office solution and Server 2 will be hosted in our Datacentre. Each diffrent client will have their own server 1 and server 2. Server 2 being a Virtual machine we host for them. Each client will hold their own NOWS SBE licencing with the right number of Users.