We are running GW 8.0.2 on Windows 2003 32Bit Server.
We also run GWAVA Vertigo 1.1.7.

We have 6 Domains and Post Offices on 6 different sites in our Groupwise System.

I was looking at the POA WebConsole screen and noticed that when Vertigo connects using SOAP the session remains connected in the POA and doesnt seem to terminate. An example of this is a session still visible on the POA status screen that hasnt been active for nearly a month. These sessions take up anything from 7-14 physical connections.

This happens across all sites/POAs.

The only way of removing the connection is to restart the POA - should the SOAP sessions not terminate automatically when they are idle or when Vertigo is closed?

I have tried rebooting the server which hosts Vertigo but this didnt terminate the SOAP session so im guessing its the POA which is holding onto it.

Looking at the POA logs you can see the SOAP session starting, the application connections open and close but i see nothing to say the SOAP session terminating?

1 POA in particular seems to have very high Physical Connections (380) and there are only around 170 users in the Post Office.

Any help would be appreciated.