We had an IDM issue a few months ago that incorrectly named a large number of student accounts, but was resolved. During that time storage manager provisioned home directories for these students with the incorrect names. After the usernames were corrected for some reason storage manager did not rename the home directories. It was running on a server that was having problems, but I have migrated it onto another box and it is running much better now. It is seeing new events, creations, renames and such and acting on them as it should, but when I perform a back fill on these student accounts it is not changing the name of the directories. I can change the CN of the user and it works right, but I cannot make it correct them in mass. Is there a way to do this? Consistency reports show 100% consistency with the policy, even though you can see the difference in the names in the report.

Running NSM engine on NetWare 6.5.8 Edir 8.8 SP5, Admin console version, event agent