Running Netware 6.5 with support pack 8 installed.
Downloaded the Groupwise 802en nlm installation and ran the installation after terminating the POA, MTA, GWIA and webaccess on the server.

The installation said it completed successfully so I brought the MTA back up and then the POA and the GWIA back online. Noticed that the GWIA still said version 7.0.3, the MTA didn't list any version number, also noticed that the POA wasn't loading, the log screen showed it complaining about the gwpoa1en.fil file being too old. I got it to load by deleting the file.

The dates on my gwmta, gwia and gwpoa.nlm files are 1/21/2009 which corresponds to my 7.0.3 hp2 installation files instead of my 8.0.2 installation files which show 10/24/2008. I even downloaded the installation file a second time just to make sure I have the most recent version.

I unloaded the mta, poa and gwia again, did a m gw* to make sure they were all unloaded and tried the installation again. This time instead of using the drive mapping to my sys folder (I manually remap a drive to the server's sys drive for installs) I used the unc \\spsfs1\sys\system for the installation folder for the agents. Again it said it was complete with no errors, when I started the agents up nothing was changed. In console one all of the version numbers are still 7, the dates of the nlm files are still 1/21/2009 and I am starting to pull my hair out.

I can open up and change the files without errors, I have verified that I have security rights equal to the main admin user, I am at a loss as to why this is happening.

I need to get this resolved so I can migrate the services to their new OES2 server, I can only imagine what problems I would have trying to migrate them as 7.0.3 if I can't even get them to upgrade.