OK we have loads of Photoshop PSD files stored on an NSS volume.
A recent upgrade to Windows 7 meant that PSD thumbnails - well just weren't :(
Instead of a nice mini-image viewed in Windows Explorer there was just a tab with PSD written on it
This also applies to several other file flavours
Not very helpful when you're trawling through thousands of images to find the right one
Anyway this is of course a Windows problem
However, after trying several solutions, some of which caused the Win 7-64 to crash every time a folder with PSD files in it was browsed, we've finally found a promising product "FastPictureViewer"
This not only works with PSD files it also works with CR2 RAF and all sorts.
The problem is that we need to delete and recreate the Thumbs.db databases in each folder on the volume, there being hundreds if not thousands of them
At present the databases are a bit scrambled with inverted thumbnails appearing etc
Windows Explorer will not do the job as it reports file in use by Windows Explorer when you try to delete Thumbs.db - very helpful !
DOS command doesn't do the job as Thumbs.db is a hidden system file
I had hoped that DEL Thumbs.db /s would be an easy solution but no luck
Attrib - doesn't seem have any effect
Remote manage doesn't see the files at all, so can't delete from there
Anyone have any ideas how to delete these little beasts please ?